Solutions for Mental Health Issues

Every Community should focus on creating pathways for the mentally ill to have meaningful and successful involvement in community life.

Through engagement with the individual, rather than with the diagnosis, to strive to build trust over time, attend to the person's stated goals and needs, and, directly or indirectly, provide a range of services that enable the person with a psychiatric disability to achieve his or her full potential.

This website contains information related to mental health which may will enable you to make a better choice about which treatment, services and housing scenarios will best suit your needs.

You will have the opportunity to choose from various housing models such as independent housing, in a transitional housing, or permanent housing programs, so that you can connect with a community.



Dilemmas faced when battling mental illness

Within this website, you will find solutions to the issues raised above as well as answers to the following questions:
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Mental Health Issues we would like to address in the future

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Strategies for greater inclusion of the mentally ill

Policy directions for greater inclusion in city agendas

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Financing mental health care and services

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Blueprint for improving the construction of evidence-based policy

Definitions of mental health promotion and mental
disorder prevention

Examples of approaches for prevention and
promotion in mental health

Promoting re-employment and mental health

Depression prevention for those at risk

Main determinants for effective implementation and sustainability